County Youth

This weekend sees the last session from coach Chris Killick.The coaches and squad wish him every success in his future and are grateful for his many years of sterling service to our junior players in Gwent.

The weekend also sees the Celtic challenge between Wales, Leinster, Lothian and Ulster at U13 level. Gwent provide 5 out of the 12 in the team and we wish Kelly Yip, Aimie Whiteman, Lucie Whiteman, Will Summors and Lydia Morris Success in retaining the trophy!

***GYCB has 30 players from 9 – 18 years old, these players undergo 3 hours of squad training every Saturday morning from 10-1 at Ebbw Vale Leisure Centre. We benefit from the experienced and dedicated coaching team.
The squad work hard throughout the 3 hours pushing themselves through Speed, Agility + Quickness (SAQ), Footwork, Routines and Match Play.

All this hard work on Saturday mornings prepares the young players format matches and tournaments.

if you think you have a player who may be of a suitable standard and would like a trial, please see Chris or Alison on a Saturday morning.




tournaments all over the UK and helps them bring home the trophies.